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Dynamic Train the Trainer Seminar


Ø Do you or anyone in your organization have to give a speech, teach a course, or lead a seminar?
Ø Are you uncomfortable speaking in front of a group?
Ø Do you wish you could present like a professional?
When you utilize our methods, you will be the speaker that everyone is talking about. Here are some of the things you will learn:
Ø How to prepare, present and engage your audience
Ø Overcoming nervousness
Ø How to create outlines, agendas and evaluation forms
Ø How to set up a room for maximum engagement
Ø How to use Powerpoint, flipcharts and handouts effectively
Ø The secrets to great communication
Ø Effective speaking skills
Ø Handling difficult participants
Ø How to speak to various sizes of groups
This course is a must for public speakers at all levels. We can tailor it to the unique needs of your firm. 
Here is what some people are saying about our DYNAMIC TRAIN THE TRAINER SEMINAR:
Ø I will definitely be able to put what I learned to use as soon as I get back to BC. Especially the parking lot and how to manage difficult people.”
Ø “Plenty of helpful tools to make me a better trainer.”
Ø “I came in not sure I could learn something but I truly did and will improve my trainings with new ideas taken from this seminar.”
Ø “It was paced just right and not hard on the head.”
Ø Great job!”

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