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Skill Building and Development

This is an integrated learning system that includes a series of courses that can help you overcome barriers to success and build on your existing strengths. 

The levels of development you have in these skills are identified in the Level 1 and Level 4 assessments, however those reports are not a prerequisite to taking these courses. 

The course material may be worked through on your own, with your manager, or with a coach. 

Each course contains:

  • A precise definition of the attribute
  • A thorough explanation of why this skill is important
  • A list of skills associated with the attribute
  • Examples of skills displayed by those people who have mastered the specific attribute
  • A series of exercies designed to help you implement the skills and behaviors associated with the attribute in your personal and professional life

All courses are available online if 10 or more are purchased.  See the PDF link below for a full listing of courses.

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