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Dynamic Leadership Upcoming Seminars

Debbie Walmsley | May 26, 2011

We will be offering two of our most popular seminars in Vancouver and Abbotsford late June 2011.  A brief overview of what you will learn is described below, and final details of the venue,  dates and how to register will be available shortly.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Leadership Skills for Managers & Supervisors

This seminar is for anyone in a leadership position or looking to move into a leadership position in the future.  You will learn the difference between leadership and management, and why leadership is vitally important to business success.  Learn to recognize which traits separate leaders from managers and why self-awareness is so important.  The various styles of management, good and bad, will be discussed, along with how fun and enjoyment in the workplace can create greater profitability.  Also, learn about the vision of great leaders and how they plan their work, and the secrets of why some managers fail despite hard work and great knowledge while others are fabulously successful despite a lack of formal training or education.

Who Should Attend: All business leaders, owners, supervisors and managers.  (3 hours)

Managing Generational Differences

This seminar compares and contrasts the characteristics and behaviours of the various generations and provides a deeper understanding of each. It also provides communication tips and concepts that will allow for better relationships and greater success at work, at play, and at home. It is presented in a factual, yet light hearted manner which makes the material significant and entertaining at the same time. We will provide communication handouts that attendees may refer to, long after the presentation. This presentation will make you think about the people you work with and the relationships in your life. It will also give you valuable information that will make to make your life better.

Who Should Attend: All business people, their employees and spouses from all generations. (3 hours)

Pricing: $125.00 per course or $199.00 for both courses if they are attended on the same day.


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