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Leadership Boot Camp

Debbie Walmsley | October 11, 2012

Here is your reminder for our upcoming Cranbrook Leadership Boot Camp on October 25, 2012!

Time is running out, so register now at:

OR contact us at or (604) 824-6776 for alternate payment arrangements.

Leadership Skills for Managers & Supervisors
This seminar is for anyone in a leadership position or looking to move into a leadership position in the future.  You will learn the difference between leadership and management, and why leadership is vitally important to business success.  Learn to recognize which traits separate leaders from managers and why self-awareness is so important.  The various styles of management, good and bad, will be discussed, along with how fun and enjoyment in the workplace can create greater profitability.  Also, learn about the vision of great leaders and how they plan their work, and the secrets of why some managers fail despite hard work and great knowledge while others are fabulously successful despite a lack of formal training or education.
Attitude Matters
This session speaks to the very real problem of bad attitudes that plague many workplaces.  Why a good attitude matters!  The course will focus on the 3 principles of prejudgement, the skills needed to maintain a good attitude, how to improve your attitude toward others, 10 attitude affirmations and how to discover your own attitude.
Personal & Business Ethics
The program will focus on the various forms of poor ethics and how to deal with them.  It breaks down the difference between personal and professional ethics and provides 10 affirmations for each type.
Pricing: $150.00 + HSt  Join us for a day of learning in a fun, open environment. 



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