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I really enjoyed your presentation last Thursday, it was truly one of the best courses I have taken in the last 20 years.

By David Hamilton, President, Front Row Insurance Brokers Vancouver, BC

On behalf of the Local Government Management Association of British Columbia's Thompson Okanagan Chapter, I would like to thank you for your informative and entertaining presentation at the Chapter Conference. Understanding some of the fundamental differences in attitude and expectations of the different generations is an excellent tool for enhancing success in the workplace and something local governments must be aware of. Your passion for the subject was evident during your presentation and the tips and information you provided will no doubt benefit all of us down the road. Thank you for sharing your time and your knowledge with us.

By Larry Randle, President, Thompson Okanagan Local Government Managers Associ Chase, BC

Entertaining - very interesting. It was a relevant and interesting topic. I learned more about communicating effectively with Generation X, Y, & Z, being a boomer.

By Rita Algaore ICBC Vancouver, B.C.

Participation was invited and encouraged.

By Peter Thrower Family Insurance Solutions Vancouver, BC

Very knowledgeable. Very Pertinent!

By Stephen Bath, PhD Vancouver Community College Vancouver, B.C.

Very relevant topic, great presentation. Good humour on a serious topic.

By Stacy Phillips, Senior VP, Western Canada, ClaimsPro Vancouver, B.C.

Revelance was exceptional. This was eye-opening and interesting.

By Allison Bergen InsureBC Vancouver

Worthwhile presentation.

By Eric Laity Arson Investigators Burnaby, B.C.

New Insights into Gen Y.

By Monica Woldring A-Win Insurance Network Surrey, B.C.

Presenter was dynamic.

By Mike Talbot Crawford and Company Vancouver, B.C.

It certainly makes you think and apply the information to your children and employees. Wayne did an excellent job. Well done!

By Dale Rogozo ClaimsPro Duncan, B.C.

Telling a story as opposed to giving a sermon. Great stories - great examples.

By Ron Holmes BCAA Burnaby, B.C.

Train the Trainer two day session: I came in not sure I could learn something but I truly did and will improve my trainings with new ideas taken from this seminar.

By Luc Desjardins, Business Development Manager, Travel Insurance Coordinators Quebec

Train the Trainer two day session: Thank you for coming all the way to Toronto. You both are sunch nice/personable people. I hope to see you both again. - Best Wishes.

By Jessica Bonnet, Business Development Manager, Travel Insurance Coordinators Alberta

Train the Trainer two day session: I will definitely be able to put what I learned to use as soon as I get back to BC. Especially the parking lot and how to manage difficult people.

By Judy Kjartanson, Business Development Manager, Travel Insurance Coordinators Vancouver, BC

* I learned the differences between being a manager and being a leader. I now understand our our personalities relate to each other and how I can improve releationships. *Setting goals and being goal oriented is something I need to implement to become more effective. I realize the value of 'Gen Y's' to the workplace and I will start thinking of how I can make them part of the team. *I am more comfortable now in being direct with my boss and talking about where I want to be. This will help me open up the line of communication. *Now that I understand the different personalities and values of others, I will be more effective with my communication with fellow employees. *I realize I need to deal with people better as a leader in this company. *I liked and learned lots of new information regarding the personal assessment. How to deal with the way I am and how others work is invaluable. I enjoyed learning about the differences in the generations and how each one thinks, works, communicates, and why they are the way they are. *This will make me a better supervisor and how to deal with other generations of people. It helped me identify my weaknesses and positive things about my self and how to do better in life and at work. *It was good to see how to relate to others with different personality traits and see how they aproach conversations differently. This helps me with confrontation. It was also very interesting how a few questions could show such an accurate personality statement. * This will help me communicate better with people, and to control my emotions when faced with confrontation and conflict. It has given me some tools I need to make myself a better leader.

By Management Group, Various Management/Supervisory Positions, Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd. 3 Day Leadership Retreat - Prince George

The Dynamic Leadership Skills session really helped me. I can see this awareness of myself and others 'thinking style' help me as a leader, parent, wife, and teacher.

By Sandra Hilborn, Owner, Sunshine Enrichment Centre Mission

The presentation on Leadership Skills was direct and informative. I liked the openess of the seminar and the chance for discussions all along the way. The Managing Generational Differences session was very detailed and to the point, lots of great information. It was easy to follow and the presentation was helpul to me.

By Cindy Swan, Field Manager, London Drugs Vancouver Area

The Dynamic Leadership Skills session was great. It was interactive, provided good information and there were lots of personal stories to 'show the picture'.

By Donna Wyatt, Manager, BCAA Abbotsford

The Leadership Skills seminar was very upbeat and informative. I appreciated being able to share information and hear from others as well. Excellent interaction!

By Brian Tilbury, Owner, Tilbury Industrial Services Abbotsford

The Dynamic Leadership Skills session was inspiring and provided confirmation of my ideals! The Managing Generational Differences seminar is a great tool for managers. It was very eye opening in respect to perceptions and values. Thank you!!!

By Ian Gardner, Operations Manager, Public Works, Village of Harrison Hot Springs Harrison Hot Springs

"Embracing Change Session" - Chilliwack Society for Community Living * Interactive and positive. Very valuable tool for us as employees to CSCL * Very good information, excellent presentation * I liked the group work, presentations and encouragement for open communication * Very enjoyable and informative * Good for us, we all need to accept and embrace change. This helps with negative views - hopefully will change negative into positive * Loved it! * Fabulous - very applicable for my life in every area. Got a lot from it both professionally and personally * Very well presented, always nice to hear positive, joyful life behaviours and changes * I liked the communication between staff and managers * Great presentation, I received a lot from this

By Chilliwack Society for Community Living Chilliwack

"Communication Skills for the 21st Century" - Insurance Institute of BC * Very informative and have given some great tools to apply when presenting lessons to a class * Great tips, great tempo! * Topic and conversation was very interesting I learned some things I will use at my next class! * Excellent - both new information and great reminders. Very enjoyable! * Relevent material professionally presented * Great information - good reminder of what's important when speaking in front of people. What to do, when to do it, what to say. Thanks! * Very relevent to any presentation, not simply IIBC courses. Well done! * Engaging, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable!

By Insurance Institute of BC Vancouver

Communication/Understanding Yourself & Others* Learned alot about how to deal with different types of people and the importance of role awareness. *Well laid out and very informative on how to understand yourself and others. *I am taking away he fact that you can't change anyone, only yourself. Learn to deal with confrontation by diffusing it. * Very informative. self evaluation/understanding myself will help me communicate and deal with others more effectively. * I think this should be taken by anyone because it gives a great understanding of yourelf, your thought & how it relates to others. * It is very interesting on how accurate this assessment is. I learn alot about myself and my role in the workplace.

By Chinook Scaffold Systems Trail, BC

"Essential Leadership Skills/Role Awareness/Generation 'Why'" - Chillliwack Society for Community Living *Great team awareness building! *Knowledgeable, relevant, understandable and entertaining. I loved the whole presentation, especially liked the "LEEP" Environment. *Session was interesting, provided a lot of information and was very engaging. *The presentation was entertaining and thought provoking. I especially found the section on role awareness beneficial. Thank you! *Very good. It will influence how I view my job. Thanks! *Fantastic and engaging presenters and information. Very excellent reminders for leaders in the workforce. *Great - held my interest all day. Made sense of the generations in the workplace. *I felt the whole day was captivating! Interesting, thank you, love this topic! *The generation segment was awesome, very interesting and very true. Informative, entertaining. Lots to consider and keep in mind going forward. I especially appreciate the examples given to approach staff about poor attitudes. *Very interesting, as it opens your opinion/views on to how to lead the staff and programs. It provided awareness. *Well enjoyed, informative and energetic. *It was a wonderful day. Your presentation and material was not only entertaining but very valuable! Thank you! *Enjoyed it! Very enlightening about Generation Y. *Excellent information I can use.

By Chilliwack Society for Community Living Chilliwack

We are doing numerous sessions on 'Attitudes and Ethics' for this company. Here are some of the comments we have received: *Great presentation, I learned a lot of things on how to be a better and more understanding person, and how to be more positive than negative in future situations. *This course makes you think about all aspects in dealing the personal and work ethics. It is a very useful course that makes you think differently about others. *Good presentation, makes you think of ways to be nicer to people or your crew workers! Makes you think of other people in different ways!! *Well presented, very informative and great information to help make better lives and attitudes. *I feel that the topics covered are essential in living a happy and fulfilling life. *Great! I like the give and take and conversation that takes place. *Makes you think about other people's main objectives of a company point of view and the ethics involved. *Enlightening when it comes to dealing with others with my attitude. *Very well done, great examples and very well spoken. *Very informative. I think that everyone can benefit from this. There is always room for improvement and everyone needs to work at it. *Informative and an eye opener, a real refreshed perspective view. * Very good course. The information I've gained will help better myself. *Very beneficial, addresses and discusses situations in the worplace and provdes a good understanding of how to approach them. *I enjoyed it very much. This presentation helped me understand others and myself. *I learned to have a more open mind and communicate effectively with people. *Very good, attitudes affect everyone all the time *It was great! It really made me think about who I am and what I strive to be. It has given me ideas to remember about keeping the good ol' positive attitude! *Great input, discussions and examples.

By Chinook Scaffold Systems Edmonton, Saskatoon, Kitimat

Here is a sample of what people attending a Leadership Boot Camp session in Kelowa, Cranbrook and Chilliwack had to say: •I enjoyed the day. Will use the leadership information to be a better leader. I have new perspective on my generation 'why' employees! •Good information, good laughs, and good small group interaction and discussions •The session covered all area's of Leadership, Lots of ideas to take back to the office •Today was very enjoyable and provided a lot of real world application •Practical based, enjoyed Wayne's wealth of knowledge and real life examples •This opened my mind to all generational differences, great information and examples •This was a great experience and I'm looking forward to putting this information to good use •Up to date information with lots of good information I can help grow my business with •I wasn't sure what to expect but I was very impressed with all of the tips and tools that Wayne & Debbie gave us!

By Leadership Boot Camp Cranbrook, Kelowna & Chilliwack

Here is what some managers from Sources Community Resource Centres had to say about our Leadership and Role Awareness workshop in October of 2012 *"A good summary of Leadership and the qualities within it"...Jason Cusator *"Thought provoking. Beneficial for getting the agency on the same page for community service"...Goldean Lowe *"Really liked/enjoyed the material. Enjoyed the references to 'real' experiences. Would enjoy more examples of shifting from being a manager to a leader and its outcome"...Soraya VanBuskerk *"Specifically enjoyed the reference and information about 'Management By Walking Around'. I took many practical tools from this workshop"...Ashley Hug *"Thank You! Content was useful & timely"...Nadine Hope *"Very refreshing knowledge regarding leadership. Lots of good points and very understanding about positive leadership. Class is very fun and topic is very interesting"...Coral Shi

By Sources Community Resources Centres Leadership and Role Awareness workshop White Rock, BC